Bottle 500ml - FOB:US$4.96/Bottle - MOQ:500 Bottles


FOB:US$4.96/Bottle - MOQ:500 Bottles - Bottle 500ml - MULTIPLE POSSIBILITIES With the Cold Coffee Concentrate at home you can prepare easy recipes and experiment with a versatile and very rich product. Mix with water or milk to make granitas, shakerattos, paletas, hielattes or whatever you fancy. It can also be combined with the best drinks, such as whiskey, rum or beer and obtain bold drinks to delight the palate. See our recipes step by step, and share us yours!


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The Cold Coffee Concentrate is always ready to satisfy your cravings. You can prepare your favourite drinks based on coffee, and enjoy them with your friends and family in the comfort of your home. Free of preservatives and chemicals, it maintains the aroma and flavour of the best ground coffee thanks to our innovative cold infusion process.

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