Colombian Gourmet Coffee 5 lbs - FOB:US$36.99 - MOQ:50


FOB:US$36.99 - MOQ:50 - Colombian Gourmet Coffee 5 lbs - Specifications: - Country of Origin: Colombia. - Species: Arabica (coffee arabica). - Type: Suaves Colombianos. - Highlands coffee (Andean Range = +6000 ft). - Granulometric Classification = 15/16 (Excelso Export). - Colombian Cup Rate = 83 (very high). - Medium Roast for excellent flavour and balance. - 5 lb bags (Ground only)


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Lehigh Coffee is an artisan coffee, grown in the mountains of northern Colombia in ideal natural conditions that include optimal altitude and favorable temperature ranges. These geographic characteristics contribute to the coffee’s taste profile, yielding deeper, more complex flavours that are sought out by the most discerning customers.

Colombian coffee is renowned worldwide for its exceptional quality and has been part of the country’s culture for generations.

Lehigh Coffee is proud to be part of this beautiful history.