Excelso Ground Coffee 250g - FOB:US$2.60/Bag - MOQ:4000 Bags


FOB:US$2.60/Bag - MOQ:4000 Bags - Excelso Ground Coffee 250g - The Association of Young Farmers of Valle del Cauca "ASOJAV", is the result of a process of accompaniment to beneficiary coffee farmers Young Farmers program promoted by the Coffee Growers Committee of the Valley, that was born from the need to provide these, the possibility of making a life project, promote the generational change and keep young people in the rural area, avoiding their displacement to the cities and encouraging the sense of ownership for their land, their cultural values, as well as that of manage their farms as a coffee company with criteria of sustainability in economic, social and environmental.


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  • +57 2 225 15 34 / +57 322 561 77 05
  • Tuluá, Colombia
  • asojav@hotmail.com

The Association was founded in 2001, as a sustainability strategy from the economic, social, labor, environmental, clean production, BPA, coffee quality standards produced according to the requirements of the standard, in order to add value to the coffee they produce and generate higher income and benefits for their families.

Currently ASOJAV has a presence in 11 Municipalities of Valle del Cauca counting with a total of 35 Associates that produce coffee, which is negotiated to through its main marketing scheme that is Fair Trade. (Alternative to conventional trade that points to more justice in international trade). Product of these negotiations are received overprices which are invested in projects that aim to improve the quality of life of the associates and their families, this being the main objective of the Organisation.

Parallel to the commercialisation of green coffee, the organisation launched its own brand of ground roasted coffee or beans, "CAFÉ JOVEN". Which is a 100% exportation coffee of Valle del Cauca for the world.