Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate - FOB:US$3,000/MT - MOQ: 20' feet Container


FOB:US$3,000/MT - MOQ: 20' feet Container - Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate - PRODUCT SPECS 250 KG/Drum SHELF LIFE/STORAGE 24 months / –18°C


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  • Appearance (concentrate): Even yellow orange or red orange cloudy liquid no obvious signs of browning or gelatinous particles.
  • Colour: A reconstituted sample must have a yellow orange to red orange color, turning jot dark after setting for a long time.
  • Taste and Odor: Fresh, without excessive bitterness, fermentative action or any other off-taste of off-odor.
  • Impurity Macroscopic impurity not allowed.
  • Brix : 65.00±1.0°Brix
  • Acidity (as anhydrous WaterCitric Acid) 3.5-5.2%w/w
  • Ratio % 12.5—18.5
  • PH: Not more than 3.9
  • Suspended Pulp (3000turns/min, 11.2°Bx,m/m,¢20cm,15min): 4.0—8.0%m/m (reconstituted)
  • Copper (as Cu) ,mg/kg Not more than 5.0ppm at 11.2°Brix
  • Lead (as Pb), mg/kg Not more than 0.3ppm at 11.2°Brix
  • Arsenic (as As), mg/kg Not more than 0.2ppm at 11.2°Brix

Microbiological Status (concentrate):

  • Total Count: Not more than 1000 CFU/mL
  • Yeast & Mold: Not more than 20 CFU/mL
  • Coliform Count: Not detectable
  • Pathogenic bacteria: Not detectable
  • Additives: Not detectable
  • Preservatives: Not detectable

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