Panela Sugar - FOB:US$2.09/Kg - MOQ:10 Ton


FOB:US$2.09/Kg - MOQ:10 Ton - Panela Sugar - Panela is still traditionally made by hand and is a food that represents South American culture. This original sugar can be found in form of a sugar block in most Colombian households, where Panela is then used in the form of powder or flakes to make beverages, such as morning brews. Weight: 1kg Origin: Colombia Shelf life: 12 months


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Panela is a raw, unrefined sugar from Colombia. Panela has been traditionally hand-processed for centuries by dehydrating raw sugarcane juice over a high heat.

Because it’s made in such a simple way, it retains the nutrient rich molasses from sugarcane.The molasses in panela gives it a unique flavor and has naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Its production:

  1. Sugar cane is cultivated as raw material for the production of
    100% natural  panela
  2. Crop development takes between 18 to 24 months, after which manual
    cutting and transfer is done in a traditional way
  3. The Panela juice is then cleaned with 100% natural separators,
    whilst being cooked at high temperatures where it begins its dehydration process and thus obtains it’s sweetness in such high concentrations.