Powdered Sugar Cane Display x 25 Sachets 6g - FOB:US$1.10/Box - MOQ:1140


FOB:US$1.10/Box - MOQ:1140 - Powdered Sugar Cane Display x 25 Sachets 6g Box per 38 units/ 30 Boxes per pallet / NW: 171 KGS, GW: 232 KGS HS Code: 17.01.13 Panela powdered in sachets with 100% NATURAL FLAVOR is the best option to enjoy a cold or hot drink at any time, anywhere. -------------------- Delight Cane powdered Panela is a open evaporation product of the best Colombian panela cane, grown and processed by hand and freely chemical additives. It also contains sugar, making it a strong energy, high in minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, copper, etc., amino acids and traces of vitamins that contribute to improving consumer nutrition. -------------------- - PACKAGING: Display Box of 26 sachets. - FLAVOUR: Panela 100% Natural.


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What is Panela? 

It is a delicious natural sweetener made from sugar cane through physical process and juice dehydration, without the use of chemicals elements, which guarantees it pure, delicious flavour and healthy nutrients, enriched with iron, calcium, phosphorus, protein and vitamins.

Experts hands transform the natural honey obtained from the sugar cane in soluble Panela which allow multiple uses to prepare hot and cold beverages, it is also a delicious ingredient to a wide and exquisite amounts of recipes or it can be simply used as the prime matter within the food industry: cookies, bakery, desserts, to name some.

The Colombian Panela is part of a new trend of functional food made from natural substances, which offer healthy benefits and nutrients to the consumers.