YAIRO Roasted Colombian Coffee

Company Details: +57 313 818 0575 Calle 116 No 14-46 305 Bogotá - Colombia gerencia@cafeyairo.com www.cafeyairo.com At YAIRO we want to share their love of the land, their passion for cultivating, and the devotion with which they harvest our coffee. We would like to introduce you to the artists of our product, the ones who hold coffee near to their hearts. YAIRO is the name given to the jaguar by the aboriginal Wanano tribe.  The jaguar is the mythological creature that allows our indigenous people to transform and experience nature’s power.  We wish to energize your day with our coffee and service. We welcome you to join YAIRO in the transformation of our farmers as we create environmental sustainability and food self-sufficiency programs, promote fair trade, share knowledge to improve processes and quality of our product. When we put our mind and heart into what we do, our community will grow each day.