Roasted Coffee 250g - FOB:US$3.96/Bag - MOQ:1000 Bags


Roasted Coffee 250g - FOB:US$3.96/Bag - MOQ:1000 Bags - THE SMELL OF COFFEE THE SMELL OF PASSION SO BEGINS OUR HISTORY, MORE THAN 50 YEARS AGO My grandparents arrived to the south of Huila and settled in the Vergil and Brasil regions, in the town of Suaza, where they began cultivating the land they acquired. Years later they began growing coffee, a variety knows as Tipica. Coffee quickly became the chief crop and their main source of income. The coffee journey is completely artisanal and developed by the family members; making seedbeds, planting trees, hand picking coffee fruit in fique baskets, pulping in manual operated machines, fermenting and washing beans in wooden tanks, and finally naturally sun drying the coffee. It is a process full of passion, part of the family tradition my father taught me and of which, I Cesar Andres González fell in love with.


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YAIRO is the name given to the jaguar by the aboriginal Wanano tribe.  The jaguar is the mythological creature that allows our indigenous people to transform and experience nature’s power.  We wish to energize your day with our coffee and service. We welcome you to join YAIRO in the transformation of our farmers as we create environmental sustainability and food self-sufficiency programs, promote fair trade, share knowledge to improve processes and quality of our product. When we put our mind and heart into what we do, our community will grow each day.