SEO: >> Pygmy Shark Plan: We have innovated with this plan for entrepreneurs who want to start in digital media, this entrepreneurial plan will help you to be visible in different channels such as organic positioning (SEO), social networks which should be used depending on the focus of your market and Digital advertising should always take into account that advertising is easier and more profitable to find your brand. >> Bull Shark para Plan: The Bull Shark Plan, part of the Pygmy digital marketing plan, focused on companies in the process of creation, growth and consolidation, that wish to initiate or improve marketing processes and obtain results in a shorter time with low investment costs and high results in performance (ROI). >> Tiger Shark para Plan: The Plan in digital marketing Tiger Shark, is formed from the digital marketing plan Bull, which allows to have more tools to reach more channels in digital media, which allows to comply in a faster way with the main objectives of growth, consolidation and increase of sales in companies and businesses. >> White Shark para Plan: The White plan has been structured in order to cover more channels in digital media, obtaining greater responses to the proposed objectives, as well as in the investment returns of the company in less time. Contact us: +57 (304) 4491470 Bogotá - Colombia

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