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Company Details: +34 91 547 65 51 C/ Orense nº 5; 3º - Madrid 28020 - Madrid We are a different firm, formed by legal professionals adapted to the technological and social reality of the 21st century, which offers a framework of creative legal solutions to solve novel legal problems in the field of the Information Society. We understand that legal specialization is absolutely essential in such complex fields as Intellectual Property, Industrial Property and Entertainment Law, which are also in constant technical and legal innovation and approaches, for which there are no uniform criteria and predefined that allow to provide effective solutions. We firmly believe in the legal protection of the professional interests of certain groups whose intangible assets are constantly violated, seriously undermining their intangible heritage, so we try to protect them from the very moment in which the rights of their owners are born to their full extinction. "Express your ideas creatively, we will give you the legal framework to protect them"