PE: Miranda Lawyers S.A.C

Company Details: +51 1 291 9368 Calle Antequera 176, Interior 403, Distrito de San Isidro, Provincia y Departamento de Lima, Perú We have more than 23 years of professional practice providing multidisciplinary advice in corporate matters to companies that operate in different sectors of the Latin American economy and especially those that are venturing into the Peruvian market. We know all the areas related to corporate law, such as tax, corporate, labor, social security and pension issues, contracts, registration matters, licenses, permits, public and private tenders, preventive audits, immigration issues, repatriation of foreign currency, administrative procedures , issues of trademark law and intellectual property, issues of foreign trade, economic criminal, etc.  Our client portfolio includes companies from different countries, such as: Italy, Colombia, Spain, USA, Ecuador, Mexico, Holland, Peru, Argentina, Finland, Venezuela, South Africa, Chile, Australia, Panama, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Thailand , Uruguay, Brazil, etc.