Boudjebel SA VACPA

World leader supplier of Deglet Nour dates

Boudjebel SA VACPA was created in 1982 by the Boudjebel family. Since its inception, Boudjebel SA VACPA has set an objective of becoming a leader in the Tunisian dates-export sector.Boudjebel SA VACPA is a reference company in processing and exporting high-quality fresh and dried dates. Its high-tech processes allow Boudjebel SA VACPA to annually export more than 13000 Tons of dates and becoming the world leader exporter of deglet Nour. The good quality of Boudjebel SA VACPA dates made them very popular with customers in over 30 countries.VISIONMake the date a known and appreciated product by consumers as being healthy and natural for the mutual benefit to those involved in the sector.MISSIONBeing an internationally renowned leader in the markets and recognized as innovative, efficient and reference in the sector.We are aware that these challenges cannot be done only through the skills development of our human resources. Thus, we strive to develop their potential, their professionalism and loyalty.Our Products:Organic / Fairtrade DatesDeglet NourDates on the branchStandard DatesProcessed DatesTransformed DatesCommon Dateskhouat AligKentaAligDates for industrial useDates of the worldIn the current context of international food-processing industry, the quality and safety of our products have become the only way to develop our company, while preserving its environment.In order to satisfy its client’s expectations as well as any party interested, BOUDJEBEL SA VACPA is committed voluntarily to the establishment of an integrated management system according to: ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, BRC and IFS.Our approach always deliberate and innovative permanently ensure the continuous improvement of our integrated management system as meeting the requirements applicable to our products, our services and activities.

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