Cortemetal SAS

Metalworking services company

Sale of industrial gases, oxygen, acetylene, argon, nitrogen. Rental of containers, warehouse type and office. Rental of tools and equipment for home and construction. Tools in general.CUTTING AND DOUBLE METAL SERVICEThe cutting and bending consists in transforming the HR, CR and INOXIDABLE sheet with punches and blades, as a result we will have a bent or cut sheet with which you can make all kinds of elements such as boxes, channels, trays, steps, frames, etc.CONTAINERSThe Maritime Containers warehouse, for security, versatility and economy, are original equipment, painted with Cortemetal corporate colors, normally used to store all kinds of elements, which do not exceed the measurements of 2.38X2.38X5.80Mts. Its structural design makes it ideal for engineering works, construction, storage of machinery and various articles.TOOL RENTALINDUSTRIAL GASESSTRUCTURAL HARDWAREHARDWARE STOREPRODUCTS:METALMECHANICALCONTAINERSTOOL RENTAL

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