Crudolio GmbH

Organic edible oils and cosmetics

The Crudolio GmbH was founded in January 2017 and takes care of the nationwide distribution of the products of the parent company Joe & Co from Vicenza, where the organically certified edible oils are produced and bottled.The company was founded in November 2010, at the initiative of Giuseppe Matticari, who has always been involved in the production of organic and cold-pressed edible oils.The passion for organic produce and the constant evolution of product selection have quickly made the company a reference point in the international organic market, with the Crudolio and Yes Organic brands currently sold in over 26 countries worldwide.In addition to linseed, sunflower, rapeseed, sesame and corn kernel oils, special oils such as argan, hemp, avocado, coconut, sacha inchi, pumpkin seed and omega 3 and 6 oils are also produced, all the way to the classic "Extra virgin olive oil". The certified organic oils are obtained exclusively by cold pressing, without any use of solvents. Our assortment also includes Modena balsamic vinegar, white and red wine vinegar, shoyu and tamari sauces, olive oil with chili and lemon, and lemon juice. With this we offer an interesting selection of retail products of the Crudolio brand, it is also produced for private labels.

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