Cuero & Color

Production and exporter of leather shoes

Cuero & Color is a brand of footwear and leather accessories installed in Cali - Colombia and is inspired by the latest trends of colours locally and globally. It offers a catalog of leather goods, where it offers spontaneous and modern models such as heels, sandals and shoes for all styles. Leather & Color designs and manufactures the ideal footwear for women, using high quality raw materials with state-of-the-art technology. Leather & Color through its great work in leather has a great business recognition in the field of the manufacture of national footwear, because it guarantees the satisfaction of the customers with a product designed with very high quality standards and with a visible result in the finishes of each creation.In Leather & Color you will find varied footwear according to the tastes and needs of modern women, and we know that modern women want to be more satisfied, feel very safe, comfortable and with a unique look that catches the attention of many.

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