Deas, SA

Company leader in Greek olive industry

Quality is not an act, It is a habit.Our corporate identity is also defined by the top priority we have placed on the adoption of sustainability strategies within a wider framework of environmental, economic and social values, proved in practice by our commitment to contributing to regional sustainable development and the implementation of social responsibility policies and eco-friendly projects. We feel that our orientation in fact enhances both the quality of our products and the role of our company in the region as well.Deas S.A. specifically interested in environmental saving activities.We, at Deas S.A. are committed to help protect the planet by reducing energy and water use, sourcing with responsibility and reducing waste.What we have done as a business:Waste Water ManagementWaste minimization through efficient practicesRecycling ProcessesRenewable electricity,Low Energy Light BulbsSedex Membership to manage:labour rightshealth & safetyenvironment and business ethics

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