Deli Foodstuff

Food production of fruits and vegetables

Our Company has provincially filed base of 30,000 mu, the cold storage of 30,000 tons, standard laboratory, 5 suits of large workshops, Belgian BEST color sorting machine, American slicer, Canadian single freezing machine, Japanese metal detector, imported gas chromatograph – mass spectrometer pesticide residue tester from Japan and other international advanced equipments as well as around one hundred professionals and more than two thousand employees. Our products include frozen sweet corn, asparagus, strawberries, cauliflower, green beans, mixed vegetables, carrot, etc. The said products cover more than 40 countries and regions like Japan, South Korea, Europe, Americas, Australia, Canada, Southeast Asia, Middle East and domestic regions and enjoy good reputation at home and abroad. Product list:Corn, Sliced green/red/yellow peppers, Cauliflower series, Strawberry, Mixed vegetables, Carrot, Green beans, Green peas, Green asparagus. Our company has concluded long-term purchase and sales contracts with the farmers and cooperatives, takes a village as the unit and organizes local scattered planting farmers together through a series of industrialization operation modes such as minimum guarantee purchase, provision of technical support and disaster allowance. Hire agricultural expert as the consultant and recruit the graduates in agriculture major as the technicians to provide technical training and guidance to the farmers throughout the year, which drives the cooperatives and home farms and solves many difficult problems such as difficult sales by local farmers and low price. In the meantime, the Company can provide employment opportunities for 2,000 farmers and drive the development of relevant industries such as carton industry, transportation, catering and breeding industry so that the Company plays a role as a pulling chain. Our company is a leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization development in rural areas.

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