Dida Boža


Growing figs, olives, as well as making wine

Produced and distributed by the Hermes International company based in Sračinec, Croatia, the Dida Boža brand represents a variety of ecological and natural spreads, tapenades and juices. Each fig is being hand-picked and inspected in order to assure the superior quality of each spread. High percentage of ecologically grown and hand-picked fruits bring rich flavour and unique aroma to all Dida Boža products.Taking great pride in our products, us at Dida Boža hope to provide our customers with new nutritional and serving ideas that support the idea of higher quality living and eating habits.Our missionThe continuous strive to improve is based on a combination of tradition and innovations, ensuring that our customers are satisfied and their needs are fully met. Customers are truly at the heart of all the processes and activities at Dida Boža. Our efforts are always focused on increasing the awareness of ecological products and their benefits among our customers.Our core valuesCustomer care: customers are constantly in the focus of our operations. We’re committed to increasing their satisfaction on a daily basis.
Quality: by continuously caring, exploring and producing in a fully controlled environment, we ensure and maintain the highest quality level of all the Dida Boža products.
Employees’ development: providing employees with various developmental and educational opportunities results in their high engagement and satisfaction.
Innovativeness: our products are simply created based on listening to our customers’ needs and constant equipment modernization.Fig: queen of all spreadsFig is a true Mediterranean queen, fruit that reminisces of summer adventures and the warm evening breeze.Ficus carica (Latin for fig) is one of the first cultivated fruits. In historical sources dating back from classical antiquity, it impersonates richness of history itself. Fig has been around ever since, mostly thanks to its modest breeding requirements. All it requires to flourish is sun and a few drops of water. Figs could actually prosper on stones or on very scarce land, where it would be impossible for any other plant to grow.Apart from being delicious, low in caloric value (100 g of figs contain only 74 calories) and easily obtained in Mediterranean area during summer time, figs also possess these benefits:* High level of magnesium* Rich in potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, cooper, beta-carotene and B6 and C vitamins* Contains significant amount of B complex vitamins* Reduces blood pressureFig is definitely queen of the Mediterranean, but also queen of the Dida Boža product portfolio. Fig spread was the first Dida Boža product launched, the one that served as an inspiration for other products and received several awards and acknowledgements. Our fig spread represents a blend of Dalmatian heritage, irresistible taste and golden colour, prepared in accordance with traditional recipe, full of ecological and hand-picked figs.We guarantee that you’ll experience a totally new dimension of figs with this spread, so we recommend you to try it in one or more of these impeccable combinations with cheese:* Creamy cheeses* Old cheeses* Delicate moldy cheeses* Sharp goat or sheep cheeses* Fresh cheese* curd cheese* mascarpone cheese* ricotta cheese

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