Doña Panela

Panela is a nutritious and healthy food

Our reason for being is to innovate, develop, produce and market natural and organic products based on sugar cane (panela type), elaborated under high standards of certified quality, guaranteeing global customer satisfaction, seeking continuous improvement within the organization, generating opportunities for rural and urban work, and ensuring the rational use of natural resources, are the raison d'être of our company.Doña panela Ltda., Seeks to be the leader in innovative and natural products based on Panela, with greater participation of its products throughout the world. Achieving double its sales of 2015 in the year 2020. Providing its customers with the best quality of product and service.Panela production is the second largest generator of rural employment in our country ColombiaPanela is a nutritious and healthy food with sweetening propertiesThe tea provides antioxidants and together with panela possess active substances that animate the body and mind in a natural wayPanela does not suffer any type of refining process or chemical process, so panela is the purest sugar, and therefore, the richest in vitamins and minerals.Panela contains five times more minerals than brown sugar and 50 times more than white.The true food that sweetens your day, consumes panela.Products:Organic, Cubes, Sachet, Pulverized and Panel Tea

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