Euroser Dairy Group

Best partner in Premium Dairy products

Euroser Dairy Group is the owner, exporter and distributor of recognised European dairy brands. The company's portfolio contains a wide and diverse range of carefully selected products. Our extensive range, combined with professional and comprehensive service, meets the demands of business partners, creating new opportunities in many European markets.Did you know that the Euroser Dairy Group:Has 65 own-brand productsHas 263 other branded products from its partnersSells to 9 countries in EuropePurchases from 17 European countriesDistributes its products to more than 17,000 sales pointsEuroser Dairy Group is:Logistics: a logistics partner offering solutions that are tailored to the customer's needs Marketing: a partner in building the product brand image on the market Private Label: a partner in producing and delivering their own brand products Distribution: a partner in distributing imported dairy products in Central and Eastern Europe Products: Goat Farm, Sheep Farm, Formagia, Campio, Grikios, Frenchi, Euroser, Hollander

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