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Extra Virgin Oil from Crete!

For thousands of years, Crete has been known as a garden full of delicious fruits, vegetables and one of the finest olive oils in the world. The sacredness of the tree went hand in hand with a healthy diet- and the truth is that health and longevity are gifts from above.Olive oil in our dietSome of the advantages of our quality olive oil are that it:1- Facilitates calcium absorption;2- Reduces the danger of heart attacks;3- Includes monounsaturated vegetable fats;4- Facilitates digestion;5- Reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol;6- Controls diabetes.We see the company as an olive branch: in order for it to blossom, deep roots are needed. The main commitment that the company Evripidis has made is the constant improvement of the quality of its procedures and products:We aim for the recognition of our products as a standard for quality and innovation, in Greece and worldwide.As every healthy company, our goal is to increase sales in the Greek and international markets.We constantly invest in the production of new commodities, as well as in the development of new concepts and ideas which will benefit exploitation in the olive oil market.Products:1- MANOLI: Extra virgin olive oil2- Plora prince of Crete3- Princess of Crete Bio4- Manoli Flavours: Aromatic extra virgin5- Manoli Balsamic: Vinegar6- Messara PDO

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