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100% Costa Rican Natural Pineapple Juice

The Project started as a family initiative in the 80’s, processing various tropical fruits for high sugar content preparations. In the 90’s the focus shifted and the company dedicated itself to process bananas without the addition of sugar, in the form of Aseptic Banana Puree and Clarified Banana Juice Concentrate.Finally, after 2000 the company decided to start expanding to other fruits and in 2003 completed the construction of a brand new, state of the art, pineapple processing plant adjacent to the original site, which continued processing bananas and after 2004 also Mango during its’ production season. Further improvements were implemented in 2005 with the duplication of the evaporation capacity of the pineapple plant.In 2010, we reached a 100% increment in the overall pineapple production capacity with the setup of a second processing line which took us to, early in the new millennium, start a coffee extract production with that same spirit of specializing in processing high quality, high volume, and local agricultural available production.Scope of the Integrated Management SystemProduction and commercialization of natural juices, concentrates, fruit and vegetable purees and coffee extract. Whether frozen or aseptically packed for the food industry, with quality assurance and harmlessness, from the beginning of production, the use of raw materials and packaging materials to the dispatch of the finished product.

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