Frutas Villa Cruz

We produce and commercialise fruits

Our company was founded over 35 years from the passion of its founder for the primary agricultural sector in our region. We are located in the region of Extremadura, region especially productive and characterized by cool temperatures in winter and hot in summer. Its principal activity is to produce and commercialize fruits that are traditionally cultivated in our region: peaches, nectarines, and plums.Our main goal is to differentiate ourselves through innovation and quality. Due to the constant changes in the market and consumer demand for quality products these last years, we want to focus on excellent flavor varieties. We believe that the taste of the fruit is the most important characteristic that determines the consumer's purchasing decision. Therefore, our plantations are intended to provide sweet fruits, hard flesh and juicy.FRUIT FACILITIESOur fruit and vegetable center is equipped with the necessary technology for the selection and preparation of the fruit we produce.First of all, we receive the fruits that are classified and categorized based on the traceability that is previously determined in the countryside.Then, fruits are selected and manufactured under the highest standards of quality and food safety. For this, we have automatic sizing machines and various netting equipment that allow us to obtain a final product ready for sale.The facility also has five cold chambers that allow preservation of the fruit in top condition.All our facilities are compliant with the BRC and IFS certificates.FIGS FACILITIESOur company has large and modern facilities dedicated exclusively to the activity of dried figs and products made of figs. Furthermore, we own 2000m² of cold chambers that allow us to keep the product under optimum conditions all year long and guarantee the best quality to the client at any time of the year. Our products* Dried figs* Plums* Peaches* Fresh figs* Nectarines

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