Generic Beauty Laboratory, Cosmetic Maquila

250 brands launched to the market and national and international coverageWe are a laboratory of experiences and innovative life projects.As a result of all this process, the customer not only delivered final product ready to market in the market, but a whole Marketing experience, design and normativity to generate value to this life experience. Achieving in this way to realize their dreams of having their own brand of beauty products.Our experience and career:Laboratory of experiences and dreams.Nowadays, 13 years later, the Generic Beauty Laboratory, GB Lab has its own production plant, with more than 1,000 cosmetic formulas tested, about 150 health records, with 250 brands of our clients marketed both nationally and internationally. international. All this is linked to the most important human team of about 50 employees and about 100 indirect collaborators, which provide tranquility, quality and confidence to our valued customers.We prepare ourselves for the future in the present, projecting ourselves to endure in time. We are a laboratory with extensive experience in the development of our own brands, which we apply to the production of successful and profitable products.

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