Hamé SRO


Production of durable and chilled food

Our visionTo become a leader in its most important product groups in Central and Eastern EuropeBeing a bearer of trends and innovationsDiscover new market opportunities in the food industryThrough communication, openness and the right motivation to achieve maximum loyalty of own employeesHamé is a leading Czech food company engaged in the production of durable and chilled food. Its tradition dates back to the 1920s and thanks to its steady growth, after 1989 it managed to develop from a small canning shop into a Central European firm. Hamé is located in Kunovice in Uherské Hradiště. Hamé continuously extends its production program in accordance with the requirements of modern catering. Currently, it is one of the largest Czech and Central European food producers. Hamé has 8 production plants in the Czech Republic and 2 abroad (Bogolyubovo in Russia and Prešov in Slovakia), employing approximately 2,400 workers.On the Czech market, Hamé offers its products under the brand names Hamé, Otma, Znojmia, Veselá Pastýřka, Májka, Apetit, Simply Fresh, Hamánek, Hamé Life Style and Vasco da Gama.Hamé is not only active in the Czech and Slovak Republics, its products have been successfully conquered by foreign territories for many years. At present, the share of Hamé exports is about 50% of total sales. In key markets - Slovakia, Russia, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine - Hamé has established its subsidiaries. Today, Hamé products can be purchased in more than 40 countries on five continents, including Germany, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Australia, China, Morocco, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia and Kazakhstan, as well as Libya. USA, UK, Israel or Vietnam.Anyone who seeks quality from a reputable manufacturer, traditional and new tastes and absolute food safety at reasonable prices will find their product in the Hamé range.Sales of Hamé have been steadily growing in recent years and exceeded CZK 6 billion in 2015.Since 2016, Hamé has been part of the Norwegian group Orkla. In 2018, it was decided to progressively integrate Hamé with its sister company, Vitana, and to establish a new strong food company, Orkla Foods, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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