Herrajes Andina


Exporting company and metalworking leader

We are an exporting company and metalworking leader founded in 1996, certified by ICONTEC under the norm NTC ISO 9001: 2000. We specialize in the manufacture of electrical fittings approved with Colombian technical standards and RETIE, industrial structures - electrical towers - floor grilles - and Telephone Hardware - fasteners such as studs, screws. Nuts, etc. We offer corrosion treatment with hot and cold galvanizing furnaces. We provide effective solutions to your specific needs in the transformation of Steel, Bronze, Copper and aluminum, either under design and / or developing new products.Creating value for our customers is our difference.We manufacture hardware and metal-mechanic products with optimum quality, in order to meet the specific needs of our customers, maintaining a leadership strategy that provides profitability to the company and benefits to customers, partners, workers, the community and all our stakeholders. through processes that ensure the care of the environment and the integrity of people.

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