Products made of recycled plastic

All human creation starts with an idea and when we decide to make it a reality we undertake an adventure, with uncertainty about what is to come, but with confidence in our abilities to face the challenges, and that, an adventure, these first years of life for MS Plásticos, a young company that has not stopped growing.It all started in May 2010, when a student outlined the prototype of a portable raincoat in an entrepreneurship class and insisted on producing it, this is the flagship product of what is now a growing company, with more than one thousand points of sale and 30 employees.In September 2011, under the leadership of Monica, they participated in a television program called Start Up, Entrepreneurs in real time of the Telemedellín channel. The program looked for people with a business idea with added value and commercial validation. MS Plásticos was selected along with 12 other companies, received training in management and management skills and were among the five finalists. Thanks to the media exposure generated by the reality they reached an agreement with AKT Motos, one of the most important companies in the sector in Colombia, a commercial relationship that is still maintained and strengthened.In 2013, the Muñoz Sierra family withdrew from the company and began a profound restructuring of MS Plásticos to improve its processes and achieve greater growth.In this time MS Plásticos has evolved, grown and innovated its products, offering solutions to walkers, cyclists, motorcyclists and others who want to protect themselves from the elements. The strength of this company lies in its work team, always attentive to the observations of its customers to improve the useful life of the product without losing its environmental mission, reusing and recovering the plastic that has been discarded. That is why AKT Motos, Terpel, Pirelli, Metro Alarmas and Mova, Teacher Innovation Center, have chosen to customize their raincoats."Do not let anything stop you"

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