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Goodness from the land, we produce bulgur

İpek Bulgur Manufacturing Industry and Trade Inc. was established in 1990 to produce bulgur in Mardin. With the investments that have reached the latest technology used in the sector with the investments spread over the years, we operate the highest quality wheats of the Mardin Plain, under the name of İpek, Tay, Cemeli, Kandahar, Marida and Erdoba brands. Our factory has 11.000m² closed total34.000m² area daily 72.000 tons Our facilities have stock storage facilities and the shipments can be done in a timely and fast manner.Products:• Big Bulgur• Bulgur with rice• Midyat Bulgur• Bulgur with Bulgur• Bulgur for making meatballs• Meatball Bulgur• Bulgur• WheatBulgur is extracted by boiling and cracking the wheat which is the prominent component of the civilization history. As the processing form applied in Mardin, the wheat is cleaned from dust and dirt and is drained by boiling in big copper boilers called “Nıkra” after washing process. The skin over the wheat cracks after boiling and the wheat oozes its starch in the boiling water. The boiled wheat is laid to the roofs for drying under the sun. The dried wheat is still milled in stone mills in some villages in the region. It is produces bulgur in three sizes as per wish from the wheats undergone the mill process. Small size is the raw meatball bulgur which is called as “İsmeyt” in the region. Middle size is the thin coarse bulgur which is preferred cooking with noodles; and the big size is the coarse bulgur called “Ihşane” which is preferred cooking without noodles. Another bulgur type is also produced in Mardin for the flavor in dishes, meatballs and pastries. The cleaned bulgur is only dabbled and softened without boiling in big copper boilers. Softened wheats is dried under the sun by laying to the roofs. Then, the wheat is grinded in stone mortars for cracking its skin. The wheat form before milling as bulgur which is reextracted after cleaning from its skin and drying processes is called as “milled”, namely ashoura wheat. The big size of the bulgurs which are extracted through milling the wheat is called as “Sefer Kitel” and the small size is called as “İrmik”. Our Vision & MissionOur visionAs well as offering İpek Bulgur products to our consumers in national and international market with the nutritional value of the highest quality, our vision is to bring Mardin bulgur to its rightful place and also to protect and develop the natural production along with our suppliers and business partners. Our missionThe sustainability of the high-quality nutrition value of Mardin bulgur and the nascence of the production from the natural production conditions of Mardin lands is our main mission which distinguishes İpek Bulgur products from the others.

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