Jiangsu S-Swing Food


Provider of all-natural raw honey

Buying our honey is like buying honey directly from beekeepers. The goal of our company is to provide 100% pure and natural honey in the European market that meetsEuropean directives (2014/63/EU). Bibury Food is looking forward to being your “honey solution” business partner. At Bibury Food we believe that honey is a kind of healthy functional food itself. Also as an ingredient, it can add flavor of food products and improve quality. Honey may become a powerful “marketing tool” for your products. Why not try it?S-Swing Co. Ltd. (S-Swing) is a production base of Bibury Food in China which is a family business specializing in the production, packaging and marketing of honey products. It has more than 60 years of history. In 1952, the first founder Mr. Yachu Huang created his honey business as a beekeeper with over one hundred hives. Twenty-eight years later, his son Mr. Xinshe Huang took up the torch, and enlarged the herd to over 3000 before passing the torch to the third generation Fei Huang.In 2000, Fei Huang started to be in charge of the family business, and founded the company S-Swing several years later.While the inheritance of the family business, the tradition has also been passed on from the 1st generation to the 3nd generation with the same love for promoting the level of honey bees breeding and protecting the living environment of the honey bees. In 2010, S-Swing opened to the international market by selling its honeys outside China. S-Swing is now working together with over one thousand partnered beekeepers with the vision of sharing the best Chinese honey with people worldwide.

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