La Barraca Alimentación, SL

Specialized in spices, herbs and condiments

LA BARRACA ALIMENTACIÓN S.L quality guarantee since 1912.La Barraca Alimentación brings you all the information necessary for food safety. The company carries out a strict process of analysis of all packaged products, which guarantee the quality of the product as well as food safety for its consumers.In our quality section you can find our IFS Certification, which guarantees the food safety of all our products.We also have the BIO Certification, to pack organic products.In La Barraca Alimentación we put our Sanitary Registration at your disposal.You can also check out list of allergens of all our products, in which we specify the possible perfectly detailed risks.Finally, if you are interested in knowing any specification of the products packed by La Barraca, you can find it in our technical files. In them you can consult everything that refers to ingredients, allergens, nutritional values, quality control or mode of use among others.

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