Laura Áñez Textiles

Colombian designer Laura Áñez

After studying industrial design, Laura traveled to Canada where she learned the machine knitting technique at the Contemporary Textile Center of Montreal. Back in Colombia I have created this company whose logos are know-how, creative quality and sustainability.The products are based on raw materials with excellent properties, such as Bolivian alpaca and Colombian silk. In each piece, the qualities and properties of the natural fibers used are highlighted, for their softness, durability, resistance and fineness.Each textile object is characterized by being from the concept of responsible design, offering an alternative to fast-fashion, with high quality products made with sustainable raw materials and where the production processes benefit all the participants of the process. They are unique garments designed for life.The design of textiles seeks to use creativity based on the technique, evidencing nature as the conceptual axis of creation, without departing from the subtle and the usefulness of the product for those who wear it.

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