Mueble Ideas SAS

Architectural company 28 years of experience

We are a company specialized in architectural carpentry with 28 years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation and export of furniture for commercial, financial, hotel, residential, institutional and industrial spaces.We are leaders in wood finishes with wide recognition in the development of projects for representative companies nationally and internationally.We have a production plant equipped with high technology and precision equipment, raw material of the best quality, efficient processes, qualified personnel, quality and service with the advice and support that your investment requires.We are constantly implementing systems of control, improvement and updating in all our processes. We can offer a service that meets the best quality and compliance standards.Goals• Achieve the satisfaction of our customers in terms of the characteristics of the product and service, within the established specifications.• Improve the profitability of the business.• Continuously improve the efficiency of our operations.• Contribute to a better quality of life for our employees, through incentives for study and housing.Our servicesWe have a select group of professionals specialized in design solutions for your need to adapt commercial spaces, residential, hotel, financial, institutional and in the area of health.We develop your projects advising you in the production, with the backing of 28 years of experience, offering you in addition, the necessary technology in machinery and equipment, materials of optimum quality, production and installation with qualified personnel and the guarantee that your product requires.We have the technical and human capacity to design, manufacture, install and export large scale works with the required agility.We have made, among other projects, exhibition furniture and furniture for offices, home, clinics, banking and financial entities, libraries, casinos, restaurants, theaters, cultural centers, wineries, distribution centers, franchises, guild corporations and chain stores.Products:. Veneers in wood: walls, skies, borders.. Office furniture: desks, filing cabinets, receptions.. Modular divisions. Libraries. Vestieres- closets. exhibitors for warehouses. banking furniture. sliding and special swing doors for operating theaters and offices.. bars in granite, corian, granato, himacs. panels for clinics equipment. chairs for restaurants. stainless steel poles for display. handrails and stairs. benches and chairs for outdoor. furniture and divisions for bathrooms: wood - glass - stainless steel. notices for stores: wood and acrylic.. billboards and mailboxes. boards. metal cabins. advertising totems. floors. announcing columns. adaptation of cinemas, casinos, public libraries, auditoriums, clinics.

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