Nutriceal Foods

Producing baby cereals and breakfast cereals

Located in Benavente (Portugal), Nutriceal Foods factory has been producing world-renowned brands such as Milupa or Bledina since 1972. High standards of quality and food safety have always been a priority because they are the warranty of consumer confidence and the assurance of our customers' loyalty.In 2013, the production unit was acquired by Cerealto, a purchase that included the maintenance of its highly qualified personnel and the adoption of a Development and Continuous Improvement Program throughout the plant.At Nutriceal Foods, we aim to guarantee the satisfaction, development and business growth of our clients. We develop baby food recipes for large multinationals as well as private label for relevant retailers.The combination of a broad experience with continuous innovation and development allows the production of perfectly customized recipes that meet the specifications of our clients, on the basis of the strictest confidentiality at all times.Nutriceal Foods is also developing a business under the Nutriceal Foods brand, mainly in Africa, Asia and South America, with a new range of products, new formulations and packaging redesign.The Nutriceal Foods portfolio includes baby cereals and breakfast cereals as well as dehydrated meals. We are currently working to extend the range of nutritional foods for all family members, an objective that is in the horizon of future businesses.Our Products:MILK CEREALSPLAIN CEREALSCEREALS FLAKESBABY BISCUITSINGREDIENTSSUPPLEMENTS

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