Ölmühle Birnstingl GmbH


100% natural pumpkin seed oil from Styria

Welcome to the Birnstingl oil mill in Styria. Our family business has existed since 1854 and thanks to the over 160 years in which we have continued our family tradition we have developed Austria’s most modern oil mill. Pure Styrian pumpkin seed oil from traditional production practices– The Birnstingl Oil Mill. At our plant, we attach great importance to the exclusive use of locally sourced pumpkin seeds from farmers with whom we have partnered with over the years. Thanks to our process, we have been able to form significant ties with farmers in the community who are able to provide us with the requisite quality of ingredients. We carry on our traditional pumpkin seed oil pressing since 1854. Our Styrian pumpkin seed oil gleams in it’s typical deep green color with ruddy reflexes and treats you with a fine and nutty roasted flavor. It not only fits perfectly in the domestic, but also in the gourmet cuisine and refines a variety of recipes. Enjoy our natural oil, which contains numerous healthy and prized ingredients and whose 100% purity enables to be one of the best tasting oils in the industry. Pumpkin seeds from Styria– healthy and tastyWhether as a snack or for haute cuisine – the most beautiful and delicate seeds are required. Besides numerous valuable enzymes and vitamins, our oil contains more than 80% unsaturated fatty acid and plant sterols, a group of bioactive ingredients. In addition, green pumpkin seeds are recommended in muesli of all kinds, raw vegetable salad and bread. Styrian pumpkin seeds from the Oil mill Birnstingl – best quality from AustriaEvery single seed must meet the highest standards. The pumpkin seeds, that are refurbished to so called “nibble seeds” are certified with premium quality. Every step, starting with the treatment of the pumpkin, to the bottling of the oil is executed with the utmost attention. Accordingly, responsibility is shared amongst ourselves and the supplying farmers. This cooperation has steadily grown over the years and together with this, the quality of the raw materials and, therefore, also the end product can be improved continuously.

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