Stahlbush Island Farms

Farmers & processors of fruits and vegetables

Our certified sustainable, family farm is located in Oregon’s lush Willamette Valley. bill-karlaOur owners, Bill and Karla Chambers, started with 2 crops, about 300 acres and a dream in 1985. Today, Stahlbush cultivates 5,000 acres in Oregon and offers the freshest individually quick frozen fruits, vegetables, grains & legumes available.Stahlbush Frozen is SO Fresh! As the farmers and the processors, we are able to leave our products in the field or on the vine until perfectly ripe. QUALITY MATTERS!We began supplying ingredients to the two toughest industries, baby food companies and the Japanese market in the 1980s. We have a robust food safety program as a result. We even go through the most rigorous food safety audit in the industry SQF Level III and scored a 97 (excellent) this year.Farming is an ArtWe are committed to the Customer. We are committed to Quality:• We will strive to meet even the highest customer standards.• Our focus on finished product will start in the field: all employees will contribute to the quality of the finished product.• Our products will meet all food safety requirements.• Our ability to consistently provide the highest quality food products allows us to achieve long-term success and contribute to our local economy.We are committed to Sustainability:• In order to improve our environment, we will strive to reduce pesticide use, improve soil health, and improve and conserve water resources.• We will make responsible business decisions to ensure the long-term success of our business.We are committed to Innovation:• In order to continue improving our environment, we will continue pioneering sustainable farming practices.• We will embrace change and new technology to improve our work environment and increase efficiency.• We will meet our customers’ changing needs by defining and creating new products and services.We are committed to People:• We will create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment.• We will strive to create a workplace that fosters employee growth, motivation and success; we want to be a preferred employer.• We will strive to develop successful long-term relationships with customers, suppliers, employees and the community.• We will protect our environment and our community by minimizing our use of chemicals, and using them appropriately in the safest possible manner.We are committed to Integrity.Products: Frozen Fruits, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Grains and Legumes

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