Strela Funghi

Tradition in small fruit and mushroom picking

In the south of Serbia, in a region known for its natural beauties, fresh air and clean cold water, there is a centuries – long tradition in small fruit and mushroom picking. As a child, I used to be a picker myself and I learnt the technique of mushroom drying and bringing from my father and grandfather. I was able to fulfill my dreams and improve the processing manufacture in 1991 when I started up my own business and opened the company called “STRELA”. Since the very beginning, my company has had a rising line of development and modernization of the equipment for collecting, processing and distribution of fresh small fruit and agriculture products. A cold storage house of about 2000 t of storage space for storing frozen goods makes a constituent part of the processing and production centre. OUR VISIONTo become and remain the preferred supplier of the Food Industry, traders and consumers, by providing safe and quality products. OUR MISSIONWe convey Nature’s products in a safe way to the Industry and Consumers to the benefit of their health and well being. At the same time we build trustful relationships with our Suppliers and our Customers in all regions of our reach. Products:Forest fruits and Mushrooms forest (Conventional and traditional)

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