Thong Siek Food

60 varieties of appetising seafood products

Thong Siek Food Industry started in the 1970s as a family-run backyard operation. Then, the entire family was involved in the production and distribution of a single product – Fish Ball.Our strong belief in outstanding quality and our quest for modern methods of production propels our growth to a dynamic conglomerate. Today, Thong Siek is a leading manufacturer, distributor and retailer of surimi-based (minced fish paste) seafood products. Our state-of-the-art 70, 000 sq ft factory processes well over 25, 000 kg of fish meat daily and more than 60 varieties of appetizing fish-based products for both local and international markets.OUR BRAND VISION: To give the world the same surimi-based goodness that Singaporeans have enjoyed for generations.OUR BRAND MISSION: To work together in a balance of innovation and tradition in making excellent surimi-based products.

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