Tiché Water


Lithuania natural mineral water

PRODUCTS:TICHĖ Natural, TICHĖ lightly carbonated, TICHĖ Sparkling, TICHĖ Sparkling with Flavour, TICHĖ in Glass, TICHĖ Kids and TICHĖ Sport We knew that somewhere in Samogitia there is a spring, the water in the depths of which would be ideal for the human body. Using technology, knowledge and the most talented scientists we have found such water in Telšiai. In 1999, wishing to share this unique water with as much people as possible, we have established the "Baltic Mineral Water Company". Currently many consumers in Lithuania and beyond like and cannot imagine their everyday lives without our pride - the mineral water TICHĖ. The company also has what to offer for those who like more than just pure water: we develop our activity not only in water extraction, but also soft drink production and bottling. Unique Technology is Our Greatest Strength: Mineral water deserves the most care, therefore we extract it using stainless steel pipes. We use advanced production technology and equipment, which meets European Union standards, while the quality and food safety management system implemented guarantees high quality of the production. Therefore TICHĖ is deservedly proud of being on the list of the mineral water acknowledged in Europe. The daily chemical and microbiological monitoring is performed by an independent accredited laboratory and the periodical - by the National Food and Veterinary Risk Assessment Institute, German and other laboratories. For the recognition of the mineral water, the annual report of the testing results is presented to the Ministries of Environment and Health.

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