Knife sharpener user-friendly “Vulkanus”

Knives and cutting tools have been used by people of all cultures and epochs. They are a symbol of power, they are seen as objects of art and multi-functional tools.
It has always been important or even vital for people to have a knife or weapon with the necessary sharpness.
Therefore, the profession of the knife sharpener has always played an important role in society. The sharpening of knives is as old as the history of mankind and still of topical interest.Experience and innovationThe development of the Vulkanus knife sharpener is based on company owner Harald Stallegger’s 20 years of experience in the field of knife cutting and sharpening. With the new “Vulkanus”, Stallegger has developed a knife sharpener that is available in different versions to meet a wide range of different demands. The patent Vulkanus product line including a series of unique products (for sharpening and whetting of smooth as well as serrated blades) has quickly found international distribution partners. Today, our products are available at high-quality specialist shops around the world.As a family business, our company is used to working in a customer-oriented way. This attitude is increased by high-quality growth and sustained product development. INNOVATION – HONESTY - QUALITY 
Our company philosophy SIMPLY. SHARPOur sharpening tools have to be easy to use for everybody, no matter if they are used in canteen kitchens, private households or during leisure time activities. Moreover, we want our products to stand out through long durability and high quality.

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